Responsibly sourced Rainbow Trout from Allied Ventures: 

Our Approach

Allied Ventures Ltd believes in creating long term value by ensuring that our business strategies and processes operate sustainably with the local ecological, social and economic environment. Sustainability in strategies and operations is not just an ethical and moral requirement, but also fosters corporate business longevity.

Sustainable Trout Fish – From the Glacier waters to your Dinner table

Our Rainbow trout is sourced from farms in pristine valleys surrounded by some of the world’s tallest mountains. We understand the fragility of the environment we operate in, and ensure that our activities are eco-friendly. 

The Trout farm is designed to minimize the hydrological impact of the farming activity. The fish ponds utilize natural glacier water from free-flowing streams, without artificially stocking-up water. The water flowing out of the farm is tested to ensure it contains no chemicals that may harm the local fauna and marine life.

The workers at the farm and the processing facility are hired locally, and preferably from a deprived segment of society. They are trained to upgrade their skill-sets. The employment generation has a trickle-down effect by improving the conditions of the households and the neighborhoods where our workers come from.

Partners, not Competitors…

AVL sees local farmers as our partners, and not competition. We have formal programs for transfer of aquaculture knowledge to the local farmers – thus improving the quality and quantity of their produce. We also offer avenues to the local farmers to improve the salability of their product via processing / packaging, and accessibility of the down-country market. 

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